Dot Matrix, Command.Com of Mainframe (command_dot_com) wrote,
Dot Matrix, Command.Com of Mainframe

It was home, she was home again.

Not the house in Beverly Hills. Dot was back home, back in the house she'd grown up in, in the other half of Mainframe. Twin City, Font du Lac sector, 33.5.67.

There were family jpgs in windows along the wall, and finger-PAINTS pasted to the fridge, and stains froms her first attempt at cooking on the wall over the stove when she was 00... Her mother had been so forgiving of that event, even if the best cooking pot was destined for the junkyard after.

"Your father never did quite get around to getting that painted over or replaced."

Dot turned around towards the living room towards the speaker and stopped. There, kneeling on a section of the floor covered with a soft baby pad, and toys scattered on the floor. A little turquoise baby was crawling about through a playtunnel towards the older woman sitting at the other end.


"Oh, who's a good little grandaughter...oh yes you are, yes you are!" She was nearly identical to would have been more proper to say that Mairi senior was only just a shade more yellow than her daughter. "That's it....good girl, Mairi..yes.."

"Mom, what're you..."

"Oh come on don't think I'd leap at the first chance I get to see my baby girl and grandaughter?" The lady picked up the baby and cooed happily into the chubby little face. "And my little-grown-up CEO? ...or should I say COMMAND.COM? Sit down..."

"...Well, today was actually rather easy...I didn't have any surprise Doors, and there were only a couple of food service permits per sector since everyone's moving in and making little eateries and Bed and Breakfasts..."

"And you and your husband?"


"I know I're not 00 anymore...but as a mother it's my perogative to ask you about your life."

"Now I know where I got it from."

"Got what from?" Mairi senior looked up from holding up a floppy little book to the junior teething champion. "Mriaheee brrrrk!"

"The ability to completely take over a conversation."

"You also got that sharp wit, so don't complain."

"Yes, Mom."
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